Sunday, August 19, 2007

Money laundering spammers

What is the most common criminal solicitation in the electronic world?

For me, it is e-mails that usually read something like...

"I would like to know you dear sir for most important task. Yes, I am Admask Kadauma, Barrister to late and wealthy madam Camazun Dolmen of province Minamoto in Sanngamita province. A tragic loss too be certain.

I have urgent need to transfer sum of 8 million US dollars to your considerate care -- for which you will be handsomely paid fee of $2.M for services.  I need and trust your to handle these sensitive matter and you are best. Please reply to me.  Stability of government may, so please hurry.
- Admask Kadauma"

Although I made it up, the content above is similar to e-mails we all receive (except the English is better in my spoof). 

What I've never understood about these obvious attempts to flout our money laundering laws, is how the authors can be so blatant without risking detection and prosecution.