Monday, November 05, 2007

So, do you like financial humor?

If so, please check out this month's "back story" from the November issue of Conde Nast Portfolio magazine. The piece I refer to is called the "2005 SUBPRIME-MORTGAGE APPLICATION"

Note the free bank check at the bottom of the page with inscription on center, "DUPLICATE AS NEEDED".

Portfolio is a new and inspired business periodical. I give its creators plaudits not only because I cackled for five minutes after reading the aforementioned spoof on lax mortgage underwriting practices, but also because this magazine contains incisive stories, fine writing and an attractive layout.

It is likely to succeed in an already crowded space.


Though I never posted anything about this print publication afterward, I'll mention in this 2/1/2015 post script, that the magazine announced its closing back on April 27, 2009. 

So much for my success prediction. -- JJM