Saturday, January 05, 2008

Public teachers unions and selective "choice"

Public teachers unions and their supporters often exalt a right to choice including free-from-faith learning environments, politically correct history curricula, etc.  They also frequently choose to fight performance standards intended to hold public teachers accountable, and they choose to strike. clip art

Yesterday’s blog post from Patrick McIlheran is spot on.  Mr. McIlheran makes the point that when parents choose alternatives to public education for their children, the principle of “choice” will often vanish from teacher unions' consciousness and they'll proceed to behave as though they are victims.  

It seems to some of us, that when educational standards and competition emerge, some on the other side of this school debate throw the notion of "choice" out the classroom window. 

I'll always support a strong public education system, but not those commentators that remain antagonistic to alternative education, or enhanced performance standards.