Saturday, January 26, 2008

I'm sure he gets better advice than I can give...

but I do not understand why Senator Obama highlights relatively innocuous aspects of Hillary Clinton's history like service on Wal-Mart's board (is that a crime?) when there is so much else to choose from.

Ms. Clinton burst on to the national scene in 1992 when she insulted American women who choose to stay home and raise their children (remember her "cookies" comment?).  Then she held our attention after we learned about her involvement in FileGate and TravelGate.

She never stopped annoying many of us with policy proposals like her health care plan hatched as an un-elected, un-official, or her preposterous statements to the press about a "vast right wing conspiracy" when her husband's peccadilloes were already well chronicled.  Now she criticizes Mr. Obama for the quality of clients he represented while in private practice.

I bet Ms. Clinton would much prefer to discuss her board memberships than many other issues that stained her political dossier.  So why does Sen. Obama choose Wal-Mart?