Thursday, February 14, 2008


Excerpt published in the New York Times Politics Blog, 2.19.2008

Last night I attended the Mike Huckabee rally in Pewaukee, Wisconsin. The room size was well chosen. Swelling with hundreds of people and dozens of signs, it must have translated into a great television picture.

The crowd was largely white, middle-class and peppered with people from all age groups. Their spirit was buoyant, lively and good-natured throughout.

The former Governor of Arkansas speaking for some 30+ minutes, delivered a flawless speech laced with endearing stories and humour that delighted the crowd, even though it included some now shopworn idioms (that all candidates resort to at this stage) including how he plans to "nail the Going Out Of Business sign" on the door of the IRS.

Mike Huckabee, Wikipedia
Mr. Huckabee looked fresh, energetic and thoughtful throughout his time at the stump. You didn't get the sense that this guy is going away any day soon. He knows how good he is, how far he has come with so little cash and that he now has something to trade.