Sunday, March 15, 2009

Saved or created? That is the question.

It hit me while driving someplace, maybe a month ago -- the President was talking about the outcome of his stimulus package and he used the now oft-repeated phrase about three and half million jobs, "saved or created."
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I'm hearing it again as I watch one of his acolytes on "Meet The Press" and so I'll ask you...

how does one accurately measure a job saved?  How can one record a job loss that didn't occur, but might have occurred under different circumstances?

Data on new jobs are obviously available and broadly watched -- but jobs saved?  It seems like a clever mechanism to avoid any rigorous assessment of the relative success or failure of the stimulus plan.

What's actually been created, is a new rhetorical device called "jobs saved" that is designed to portray an anemic employment picture as something more robust. 

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Submitted to US Senator Herb Kohl moments ago...

"Dear Senator Kohl,

I am writing as a private citizen to voice my strong opposition to the bill misleadingly labeled as the `Employee Free Choice Act' also known as Card Check.

The coercive leadership of organized labor does not need additional tools to intimidate ordinary men and women who prefer to remain outside the union. I would urge you to speak out against this legislation and expose it for what it is -- a catalyst for union demagoguery.

I am not against organized labor per se, but I am against bullies and thugs gaining ground with sanction from Congress.


John J. Maddente"