Thursday, May 27, 2010

A stich in time

Larry Stich (pronounced S-T-I-C-K), one of my seven readers, had his own take on the subject of my last post.  Larry's e-mail appears below, with permission.  (Thanks, Larry!)


An interesting discussion.....

Seems to me that to one degree or another the main point is being missed.

The only honest 'wealth redistribution' is private charity. IIRC, the only reason for tax levies in the Good Old Days was to support Government services which were mandates of their respective charters, such as maintaining a military, police services, infrastructure, etc.

Arguing from size-of-home actually is an argument from materialism, not Conservatism. Conservatism, properly defined, does not enshrine consumption or materialism; it enshrines prudent management of money, which allows for private charity. Conservatism, conversely, abhors misers, because Conservatism favors the Golden Rule.


Lawrence A. Stich"