Thursday, October 14, 2010

A fiscal adult -- David M. Walker

Consider the national debt which as a percentage of gross domestic product is at its highest levels since World War Two.  Click here for a real-time depiction of our debt and consider the faith that the rest of the industrialized world has in the United States as a beacon of financial stability. 

What happens when that changes?  Why are some observers more worried about climate change than global economic calamity that is looming in our midst? 

We need more leaders like Mr. David M. Walker.  This post is dedicated to his mission.  Some might think I'm joking when I say that what we need in Congress and the White House right now are accountants.  I'm actually serious.  Mr. Walker, by the way, was an Arthur Andersen partner several years ago. 

We need people who can balance a budget and say "no" and be proud to say no because it is right and just.  The only anecdote for a nation addicted to debt are politicians with the fortitude to say, "You'll be getting less now and you'll wait longer to receive it.  Sorry."

Mr. Walker is willing to accept more tax increases to offset spending cuts than many of us would like to see -- as opposed to demanding proportionally-larger spending cuts.  Yet, I still admire his zeal to reclaim a fiscally-sane America.
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