Sunday, September 20, 2015

Having fun halving the candidates

I'm doing my part to shrink the GOP gang of 16 by cutting it in half to eight.  I'd appreciate it if each of the candidates mentioned below in bold would end their campaign shortly because their prospects individually and collectively are hopeless.   

Rick Santorum -- You're a well-educated and distinguished public servant, but you can't win by focusing so heavily on social conservatism.  You also missed your chance to convert Pennsylvania to a Right to Work state.  Your passion is compelling but that's not enough.  PRESCRIPTION: Please leave the race.  Don't leave angry -- just leave.  It's not personal.
Rick Santorum Wikipedia

Lindsey Graham -- You are also a distinguished public servant and one with exemplary military credentials, but you can't expect your signature issue of national defense to carry the day, much less the nomination.  Further, you are viewed as a perennial Washington Pol at a time when the electorate craves an outsider.  PRESCRIPTION:  Please see prescription for Rick Santorum.  

Jim Gilmore -- Sorry.  Who are you?  Raise your profile -- raise anything and take credit for it -- then we'll talk.

Mike Huckabee -- Governor, I love your notions on tax reform, your unabashed faith life and your electronic bass-playing.  You add color and context to these public contests whenever you speak, but it's just not meant to Huckabee.  The caucuses require something much more unusual.  Please leave.  Thanks. 
Mike Huckabee Wikipedia

Scott Walker -- Governor, you redefined political courage in my home state of Wisconsin, but you are not ready for this stage.  Part of me wants you Governor for Life -- OK that's a bit much -- but we need you to continue your reforms here in the Badger State.  Turn the bus back toward Madison and call this Presidential quest a good experience -- but it's over.

Barnum and Bailey poster Wikipedia

Bobby Jindal -- John Kasich -- George Pataki 

It's unfair to lump all of you together but none of you will be the nominee.  You deserve more than a curt ending to this obscure blogger's post, but brevity is required when we have too many candidates vying for our attention.

Fine Governors you are or were one and all (and Mr. Kasich distinguished himself in Congress as a fiscal reformer too), but I'd like each of you to exit the greatest show on earth at this time in the interest of the greater good.  Thanks guys.
 Nobody can see ahead more than a week, but my feeling at the moment is the GOP will win the White House in 2016 if two or three things happen:  1. Hillary is the Dems' nominee (Biden would be only marginally harder to beat), 2. a more-credible-than-Trump candidate is the GOP nominee and 3. assuming his popularity continues -- Trump doesn't play spoiler.  If his popularity wanes -- and there is plenty of time for that -- the third condition doesn't apply.