Saturday, December 24, 2022

Holiday thoughts in 2022 (good feelings)


I'm grateful for many things this holiday season and I'm posting a few of the less obvious ones below:

  • Arby's limited time hamburger offering.  Yes, the Deluxe Wagyu Steakhouse Burger is so good, I've written to an Arby's executive urging his organization to make it a permanent menu item.
  • John Authers' Bloomberg column.  Mr. Authers wrote for the Financial Times for years before moving to Bloomberg.  He's funny, reliably prolific (not sure how he pumps out his rich articles almost daily) and especially well-rounded -- Finance & Economics (obviously), Sports if a bit heavy at times on soccer (sorry 'football'), Music, Film and History.
  • An unnamed community organization that allowed me to scale back my involvement with grace.
  • A glorious week off to do things of the sort I'm doing today -- reading, writing, cooking, listening to music CDs (yes, I still use that medium without apologies -- right now I'm enjoying k.d. lang's "recollection") and later I'll be streaming RUSH videos at ridiculous hours of the evening.
  • It's with personal satisfaction I include Carvana's service for their streamlined process to buy and sell a used vehicle, without ever setting foot in a dealership.  

Last but not least, I'm reminded that "Jesus is the reason for the season".