Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Mr. Mark Neumann's time for a new goal

Here's to Mark Neumann, a fiscal conservative and an effective legislator with the best interests of the people in mind.  He's the kind of candidate we need to help take back our state from what Ayn Rand called, "the looters." 

The problem is that the Governor's job won't be his.  Mr. Neumann's could instead challenge Russ Feingold for a Senate seat (that should have become his in 1998) and abandoning his Gubernatorial ambitions.  The reasons are...
  • The Walker forces are too strong.  He's better funded, has majority support of the party leadership and the GOP rank and file.
  • Mr. Walker has a very real chance of beating Mr. Barrett - you could cast more momentum his way, by throwing your support to the Walker campaign.
  • Neumann is the only still credible candidate with Washington experience and a chance to beat Feingold.  
  • He lost to Mr. Feingold by a slim margin last time around.  Feingold and other stalwarts in his party, are more vulnerable today.  
So, Mr. Neumann, be a pragmatist and do what's best for us.  You will not win the September primary anyway.  There is still time to displace Mr. Feingold, but you must change horses....soon.