Monday, September 09, 2019

Viva Espana

John Maddente photo
My wife and I recently returned from a vacation in Spain.  I haven't posted in months and it's a pleasure to share some beauty and love that we witnessed. 

Let's start with the Spanish people themselves.  They are as warm and courteous as I'd heard and quite tolerant of Americans seeking assistance.  They're also, by and large, very well dressed! 

A word about our tour guide, Mr. Federico García Barroso.  Mr. García Barroso is, and I don't often use this word to describe others -- remarkable.  He's the kind of man who can brighten lives simply by doing what he loves to do, which is sharing his knowledge of Spain's rich history and art.  

An accomplished guide, Mr. García Barroso is also a lover of music and a fine tenor.  At the closing dinner for our travel group, he sang four songs.  One in French, one in Spanish, one in English and one in Italian.  Like I said....remarkable.  Here's a taste...CLICK HERE.

The treasure trove of art in Spain including sculptures, paintings and of course, architecture, has always been a source of pride for the Spanish.  An example; the Basilica known as the Sagrada Familia the construction of which, began in 1882, is one of the most stunning edifices I've ever seen.  Spanish authorities are working diligently to complete its construction by the 100th anniversary of the death of its renowned architect, Antoni Gaudiin 2026.

Below you'll see a photo -- untouched and taken only with natural light -- of the interior.  I was amazed by the columns alone, which resemble giant trees in a luminous forest.  The tops of the columns literally "branch out" to support the top structure.  We learned that Gaudi's work contains rich symbolism of the natural world and the divine.  These columns are part of his expression. 

If you have the opportunity, please visit the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona.   

John Maddente photo