Sunday, February 24, 2013

The yoke of two Americas

It became clearer to me after President Obama’s re-election that we are two Americas.  Has our country been this divided since the Vietnam War, or perhaps the Civil War?  Mr. Obama captured fifty-one percent of the popular vote.  Is this voting share tantamount to a popular mandate? 

Last November, I expected more from voters in the Center.  I thought Romney would win due in part to the now infamous, You didn’t build that slip which I believe validated much of the Obama skepticism.  I believed there was no credible way to take such a gaffe out of context and that the ripple effects would devastate the President's campaign.  I was obviously quite wrong

One America uses this sort of reasoning: Since our car tires rolled on public pavement while we drove to work or university to build our careers and businesses --- public works projects must facilitate prosperity as much as the virtues of personal initiative and hard work. 
Leaders of that America also practice a mix of scare tactics and class warfare to preserve government spending levels.  They welcome tax increases like the 2% payroll hike on all taxable wages up to $113,700 which is dismissed as end of a tax "holiday" (as though it's a more welcome way to reduce one's take home pay). 

Yes, large scale public works projects had their place in the nation's growth and as our population grew, a corresponding increase in the size of the federal government occurred, but the other America doesn't believe our nation flourished due to the government's expansion.  Rather, we believe, it was limited government and freedom that enabled our growth and prosperity in the first place.  For this view, we are often called extremists.
My America remains convinced that one of the most perilous problems faced by our nation today is federal spending and that added taxation by any name or game, is more of an enabler.  

My America welcomes the prospect of a meager $85 billion spending reduction from a government that spent over $3.5 trillion last year and yet President Obama's faithful still protest.  

We have a chit worth $85 billion. Now we’ll see who has courage to apply it. 
White House Fiscal Advisor?
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